Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 2
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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 2

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In this episode the task was to film and edit a 30 second commercial for the company Pedigree about adopting dogs that currently don’t have a home and family as a lot of people are afraid to take dogs that have been neglected/abandoned. Which ever team’s video impresses the Pedigree executive the most would win. On top of that, the winning project manager would get $25,000 towards their charity. The project managers were Gene Simmons for Team Hydra and Nely Galan for Team Empresario.

The concept on the men’s side was to use Lennox Lewis to show a story on how even tough guys have a soft spot for an animal in need. On the women’s side the idea was to show clips of various dogs with voice over actors as if the dogs are telling you how they used to have a great life to encourage you to adopt them.

Guess the most interesting moment was when Ivanka walked into the Men’s meeting to do the usual see how the group is doing. Gene Simmons didn’t want her to be listening in and even questioned if she was going to relay the information to the other team and she definitely took extreme offense to it all.

When they showed the videos, Team Hydras version was superior in virtually every way I thought. Actually, some other people that I knew who were watching as well liked it so much they said they wanted to see it again when it airs on commercial. Team Empresario’s had a little too much story information to digest effectively in 30 seconds in my opinion. Team Hydra did in fact end up winning. You can see the video here:

In the boardroom it came down to Nely Galan, Nadia Comaneci and Carol Alt. While it looked like Nely Galan should have been the one to let go which she was even kind of willing to accept, Nadia Comaneci seemed very quiet and reserved. Because of that, ultimately it was believed that she did not have that leadership quality to lead the team in the future and she was fired.

That reminds me of all the times where you meet people who are incredibly awesome at what they do and so you assume they will be equally energetic/confident in a similar scenario only to see it not being the case. Like they say, you can’t be a master at everything.

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