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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 12

Right from the get go the episode continued off from last week where it was announced that two more people would be fired with some type of task that would take place immediately. It turns out that the task was an interview process where Donald Trump had two business reporter guests being Jim Kramer from mad money and Erin Burnett from CNBC.

Overall, it looked like the interviewers preferred Trace Adkins and Carol Alt. They didn’t seem to like Piers Morgan’s aggressive personality and Lennox Lewis didn’t seem as confident through the process. One thing that I thought was kind of funny was how Jim Kramer always seemed like he has too much energy or something as he would talk super fast paced while over emphasizing his points. Guessing that is just the way he is though.

This was one of the goofiest boardroom deliberations I have seen. In the beginning it was pretty apparent that Lennox Lewis had one of the weaker performances and so he was the first one to be fired. It then came down to Carol Alt, Piers Morgan and Trace Adkins. The ultimate deciding factor on the final two was that Donald Trump wanted to establish this “Good VS Evil” type of battle between Trace Adkins VS Piers Morgan as he wanted to see them go at it and believed that they disliked each other enough that it would create a great rivalry. That was ultimately the reason Carol Alt was fired. This was definitely more entertainment oriented than business. Funny nonetheless.

The final task was that a large charity event will be held and the tasks would be divided into different aspects that the teams would have to negotiate with each other in doing. Four past contestants were invited back to the show to help in the final tasks where the two project manager would get to choose their teammates. Trace Adkins chose Lennox Lewis and Marilu Henner while Piers Morgan chose Stephen Baldwin and Carol Alt. Ultimately, Trace Adkins would be responsible for the events décor while working with the entertainment aspects of the event where the special guest artist was the Backstreet Boys. Piers Morgan was responsible for catering services while producing a live auctioning event.

There was this one hilarious moment where like most celebrities they have a list of demands in terms of items and accommodations whenever they attend an event.

Trace Adkins thought that some of them were redundant and so he decided to talk to the Backstreet Boys about it. There was such a generation gap between himself and them I thought as during their conversation one of the backstreet boys member talked about wheatgrass and Trace Adkins had a deer in a headlight expression. Here is a brief clip of it:

In the end, it looked like Trace Adkins biggest obstacle is being able to cater to the Backstreet boys to their satisfaction while Piers Morgan may not be able to draw as many celebrities to the event compared to Trace.

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