Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 11
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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 11

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The episode starts off with Piers Morgan celebrating on how Omarosa was fired and that his team won by a very wide margin. It seemed a bit too much though to the point of being a little arrogant I thought anyways.

The task this time was that the two teams had to create and sell a new sandwich for the company Quiznos which would sell for $2. The team who sold the most amount of sandwiches within a 2 hour timeframe would win. The project manager for Hydra was Lennox Lewis and for Empresario it was Trace Adkins.

Empresario decided to create a sandwich called the “Prime Rib Cowboy Club” and Hydra decided to create one called the “Champ Sandwich”. While Hydra’s sandwich wasn’t exactly creative, I thought anyways, their strategy was to leverage off of the popularity of Lennox Lewis to draw a crowd. I guess you could say Hydrra’s sandwich was a lot simpler.

There wasn’t too much to the task when it came down to it as it was mostly good old fashion hustling and working hard to serve as many customers as possible. In the end, Hydra sold 313 sandwiches and Empresario sold 253 and it was apparent that Lennox Lewis’ celebrity power in New York definitely played a role.

With only two people left on Empresario, it was either going to be Trace Adkins or Stephen Baldwin that would be fired. Considering that would bring the candidates down to four people as well, a factor to determine who would be fired was based on who everyone felt would be able to raise the most money for charity in the upcoming tasks. Because of that, Stephen Baldwin was the clear target as in previous tasks he failed to raise any money for his team and ultimately he was fired.

There was a twist at the end as the final four people were called into the boardroom after the firing and it was announced that as the final four they would be doing another task right that instant where two people will be fired. The episode simply ended off on that high note.

I’m feeling kind of bad for Trace Adkins after this episode as it seems to be like in one of those situations where you always have the good ideas along with the effort except you aren’t able to reap the rewards of your labor.

Another thing this episode made me think about is being humble in your victories. I can fully relate to how great of a feeling it can be when you defeat an adversary of some sort. Especially in this case how before Omarosa used so many dirty tactics against Piers Morgan and you would naturally want to rub it in as much as possible. I usually find that this is one of those situations where less is more as just by winning the other side will go to their corner and not giving them anything else to respond to will leave that incident in everyone’s mind as well. Besides, you have better things to worry about.

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