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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 10

The task this time around was that the two teams had to sell artwork at the Moti Hassan Gallery in New York and were required to choose an artist’s work to sell. The team who made the most amount of money to win. Omarosa decided to step up and became the project manager for Empresario and as a result Piers Morgan was enthusiastic in being the project manager for Hydra.

The strategy was the same for the most part which was again to contact wealthy people to try and raise as much money as possible. There was an interesting moment where one of Piers Morgan’s contact was the famous chef Gordon Ramsey. Just like in the show Hell’s Kitchen, he seems to swear a lot. It was done in a joking way though I think.

At first it seemed like Empresario had the edge as at the actual event they were getting all the foot traffic initially since their display was closer to the entrance. However, it was apparent that Hydra was making more sales and had more contacts showing up to make purchases.

There is such a thing as losing and in this task it seems to take the meaning of being obliterated to a completely new level. In the end, Empresario sold 3/16 paintings for $7000 and Hydra sold 14/20 paintings for $164,000. It was mentioned that in total $51,300 was raised for charity when you factor in the minimum sale price for the paintings.

There wasn’t even any question as to who should be fired as Omarosa simply got clobbered on this task. The only debate was whether or not Trump should fire two people since the team did so poorly. Ultimately, Omarosa was the only one fired and Piers was definitely enthusiastic about it. This was sure an episode to remember and it was about time Omarosa got fired I thought.

It’s kind of amazing though as even in everyday life you see people who keep getting away with things and making you wonder how much longer they can run before they are caught, so to speak. As evident, they all eventually get what’s coming to them as they can only run for so long.

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