Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 1
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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 1

So a new season has started and this time all of the candidates are celebrities. Instead of competing for a job, they are competing for money to give to charity. Too bad there isn’t anything like this here in Canada as I thought the circumstances should make this edition very interesting and cause worthy.

The teams like usual were separated with the men going against the women. The men decided to call themselves team Hydra and consisted of the following people:

-Gene Simmons
-Lennox Lewis
-Piers Morgan
-Stephen Baldwin
-Tito Ortiz
-Trace Adkins
-Vincent Pastore

The women called themselves team Empresario and had the following people:

-Carol Alt
-Jennie Finch
-Marilu Henner
-Nadia Comaneci
-Nely Galan
-Tiffany Fallon

My first reaction was “Omarosa?” She’s got to be my least favorite person who has appeared on the show. She threw in a comment on how she has changed, but like some say action speaks louder than words.

The task was to sell hotdogs with the team making the most money would win. Project managers were Stephen Baldwin and Omarosa. On the men’s side Gene Simmons came up with an idea where instead of just focusing solely in getting people on the streets to buy hotdogs he started to contact wealthy people he knew beforehand and asked if they would want to show up and buy say a $5000 hotdog for charity. It was funny seeing how carefree he is too whenever he came up with ideas.

On the women’s side they were discouraged to use their celebrity status and to focus in selling the hot dogs by focusing on the product type of approach. Omarosa was stern and one sided about her decisions it seemed.

It was interesting to see how much money both teams were bringing in. There was also a visit from New York’s mayor Bloomberg to each of the team’s venue. Team Empresario was doing poorly it seemed and so one person stepped up and went against Omarosa’s direction to not use their celebrity status and began calling some of her contacts which resulted in purchases such as $5000 for a bottle of water.

In the end though, the men clobbered the women team as team Hydra made $52,286 and team Empresario made $17,038.79. Trump then mentioned that all the earnings would go to the winning project manager’s charity and in this case it went to Stephen Baldwin.

In the boardroom it came down to Omarosa, Tiffany and Carol. Tiffany essential got pinned down by not contacting the people she knew such as Hugh Hefner and she didn’t really try to defend herself too much. The whole thing didn’t make too much sense when you think about it as it was Omarosa’s decision to not use their celebrity status. Gene Simmons referred to her as a “cockroach”.

Evidently, Tiffany was the one that got the axe. I was just sitting there thinking “They must be keeping Omarosa there to make people mad”. That Carol lady seemed like a real fighter though. A comment was then made by Trump on how unfortunately in most cases in business the nicest people are the ones who go first.

Feels like for this celebrity edition it will come down more to who know who where the tasks can kind of won even before it starts. If history says anything though, they sure gave Gene Simmons a lot of camera time which usually meant that the person won’t be the winner. Like they say, sometimes it’s not what you know but rather who you know.

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