Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Three
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Three

This episode felt like a two hour long promotional piece for Ivanka Trump I thought. The task in this episode was that the two teams had to promote Ivanka Trump’s line up of Spring 2012 clothes and accessories utilizing a living window display. For those that don’t know, think of it as the window displays at the stores where you see mannequins except in this case you are using real people to reenact some kind of event to promote the items in question. The project manager for the men was George Takei and for the women it was Dayana Mendoza. The men were emphasizing that they chose George with a big reason being that he is gay and so the assumption is a gay person would be more aware of these products.

The men had an interesting concept where because there would be two display windows that they would utilize twins as their models while dressing one as the by day women and the other as the by night to try and represent how different a person can look for various occasions. The women had an interesting debacle where originally in one window they wanted to have sketches of the clothing line. However, the model pictures didn’t get printed. And so in the last minute they decided to improvise where Aubrey O’Day pretended to be a designer basking in the glory to the audience such as by blowing kisses.

On the men’s side Takei seemed to be a wreck throughout this task as it didn’t seem like he really had a good grasp at the task and even on the actual presentation he couldn’t speak fluently as if his memory was giving up on him at times. Overall Ivanka was expressing ow the men had some great concepts but did not like the choice of clothing on the models whereas for the women she thought it looked elegant with some technical bloopers such as displays that blocked you from seeing items like the shoes they were wearing. In the boardroom Donald Trump mention that Ivanka felt very strongly about the decision where she felt the women did the better and so they were the winners.

There wasn’t too much of a fight in terms of who was going to be fired as it seemed like George was already in a defeated mode as many people were saying that he wasn’t very in-tune with the task nor was he aggressive enough in telling people what to do. For the most part he didn’t rebuttal any of it. In the end, while people respected him a lot all this resulted in George being fired.

I know I mentioned this in my previous post as well, but it does make me wonder why these episodes are all two hours long. Almost makes me interested in wanting to learn the business reason behind this as it isn’t exactly the premiere or finale.

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