Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Six
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Six

This episode revolved around the two teams having to literally create a party to help promote drinks for Crystal Light. The project manger for the men was Clay and for the women it was Aubrey. There was a funny tid bit about this for the men as regardless of their celebrity status and what you may think their lifestyle is like apparently none of them really attend parties. So they thought this would put them in a disadvantage.

As for the theme the men decided to go with a beach party theme where they simply tried to make it as rowdy as possible. Clay was also able to get a lot of his fans to show up and as well he had a sing along event to help making the mood more lively. The women went with more of a cocktail party type of approach where everything seemed fancier. The women also created a unique theme song for the event about Crystal Light where Debbie was the signer and creator for it. As well, they handed out copies of the music as a souvenir of sort.

The two approaches were definitely very different and even the executives loved both of them. It appeared though in the end the executives loved hoe the men’s theme was more lively and therefore they were chosen as the winner. Aubrey pretty much went into tears right away when she found out her team lost. She then started to say how she was very upset as she didn’t win for her charity. Interesting enough, Trump then said he would donate $10,000 to her charity. Power of tears huh?

The debate of the loss revolved around brand messaging where the executives thought the women fell short on. As a result, Aubrey was hammering Patricia as the cause of it since she was in charge of it. Trump didn’t seem to waste too much time about it either and decided to fire Patricia for it. That felt like a bit of favoritism in my opinion. I guess what stuck out in my head in this episode is if you can make people feel sorry for you then you can sure open up new doors that way.

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