Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Seven
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Seven

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This was a long episode as there was two tasks and two boardroom firings. Essentially two episodes in one. The first half had the two teams competing in a New York celebrity guidebook task. As you may have guessed, hey had to create their own guide books and then sell it to make money. They had to use a Toshiba tablet to take the pictures for the guide as well where Toshiba would donate $35,000 to the team who created the best best guide. The team who made the most money would win. The project manager for the men was Dee and for the women it was Teresa.

Right away the men’s mentality was to focus on fundraising as oppose to creating the best guide as they recognized it was all about the money in the end. The women spent a lot more time trying to make the brochure exactly how they wanted initially where it took up a lot of their time. Arsenio had an interesting situation when he tried to contact friends to possibly donate some money where apparently a lot of people never returned his call. He then made a comment about how when he had his own show everybody would be contacting him and so this was a way to show people that many people who claim to be your friends really aren’t. A person that did respond to him was Jay Leno who told him that he would send him a blank cheque.

During the actual sale of the guides the men had a surprise as their former teammate Michael Andretti dropped by and purchased a guide for $20,000 which definitely gave the men a good boost. There was an interesting situation too where this group called the Blueman group decided to donate their money by placing dollars in a balloon which they then blew up as money scattered everywhere. Not surprisingly, a mob of by standards scrambled to pick every every bill that they could get for themselves even though all that money was meant for charity.

It turned out that for Arsenio the cheque that Jay Leno sent arrived so early to his New York office that there was no one available to take it. Therefore, the delivery person had to bring it back to a centre which resulted in Arsenio having to try and track it down. Ultimately, he was not able to get the cheque in time for the task. When it came to reviewing who had the best guide Trump had Regis Philbin as the guest judge and he chose the women as having the best.

This was indeed a close one as the winner of the group won by literally only $14. In the end, the women raised $127,888 and with the bonus from winning the best guide their total was $162,855. The men earned $162,865. Every dollar sure did count there. The main theme on who to fire seemed to revolve around who earned the less money since the margin of loss was so minimal. The person who earned the less was Aubrey. However, Teresa decided to bring back Debbie and Dyana. Of course accusations of personal vendetta came in. Again though, Trump seemed to be dead focus in firing the person who earned the less which out of the pool of these three was Debbie. Therefore, Debbie was fired.

In the next task teams were switched around. Team Unanimous was now Clay, Arsenio,, Paul, Aubrey and Teresa while team Forte was Penn, Dee, Lou, Dyana and Lisa. The new task was that the two teams had to create a live interact health segment to promote Walgreens’ new Walk With Walgreens program which also consists of buying a membership where the teams had to also design a kit with it. Essentially, it is suppose to help encourage people to get out and walk to maintain their health. The project manager for Unanimous was Arsenio and for Forte it was Lou.

Most of the drama and attention came from the personality clashes of Aubrey and Arsenio. Essentially, it appeared that Aubrey kept wanting to make decisions on her own while undermining Arsenio and this did not bold well with him. Team Unanimous decided to go with a game show theme of sort where they would spin a wheel and then answer questions which came in the form of facts in regards to what walking can do for people. Team Forte decided to go with a theme on what you can do while walking mentality to show how it’s easy to get outside and walk while still doing a lot of other stuff.

Dee went with a semi controversial direction where in designing the visuals to help present the theme he used a lot of words such as “itching” and “scratching” which came across as negative to some. During the actual presentation too Penn made an enormous error where instead of saying Walgreen he said Walmart which definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Team Unanimous’s presentation went as planned for the most part. However, it was criticized that their presentation seemed to be a bit too information for something that was supposed to be a game show setting which made it dull. However, they got a lot of praises for the kit that the designed. In the end, it was said that the executives loved the job Unanimous did and especially the hosting job of Arsenio. Therefore, they were chosen as the winner.

Despite this, Wesley really blew up at Aubrey and her attitude on how he think she is very manipulative and tries to take credit for everything herself. This resulted in Aubrey simply leaving the building afterwards. Even back at the suite Wesley was still raging about Aubrey and her personality. He made an interesting comment about Aubrey where when he Googled the other contestants he read details about them. However, with her the first thing he found was a naked picture of her as a way to show her character in his view. That made me wonder how many people watching went to try that after.

The boardroom wasn’t too much of a fuss as the main issue seemed to revolve around how the team had a bad kit such as the use of the negative words. That resulted in Dee constantly getting nailed for it and ultimately being the one to get fired. He tried to say that Lou technically looked and approved everything but that didn’t work.

This episode definitely felt like soap opera. I think that Aubrey person really looks like a She-Devil after all this. They did edit it to make it look like she simply walked out of the show too.

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