Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Five
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Five

This was another viral video task this episode where the two teams had to create a video to help promote a mop for O-Cedar. The project manager for the men was Lou Ferrigno and for the women it was Tia Carrera. The women came up with a theme they dubbed as “What’s your number” which is supposed to be a joke of sorts where you would think they are talking about things such as the number of relationships they have been in when really they are talking about mops in this case. For the men their theme was “I’ll mop the floor with you” which as you may have guessed is an aggressive take where at first it sounds like the person is going to fight someone whereas in this case it’s literally using a mop and cleaning the floor.

Lou Ferrigno decided to use himself mainly as the performer in the video and he used his size as a way to create an over exaggerated scene of like a muscle head cleaning a room with a mop. The women seemed to have been having some disputes as to whether or not people would get their concept right away. As well, there was some conflict on people who wanted camera time it seemed and that created arguments. There was an interesting part where Aubrey gave Tia a suggestion n how to shoot the video where it was immediately disregarded. Aubrey then told Lisa to tell Tia the exact same thing and surprisingly she then accepted it. I guess you can say it was to show that there was some kind of bias going on.

Overall, the executives thought that the men did abetter job as the mop was the center of attention whereas in the women’s video it seemed like it was more about them for a long portion of it. Although, Trump was sure playing it up as if the men lost. However, the men did win. In the boardroom it was mostly a fight between Tia and Aubrey. As usual, Trump asked who the project manager would bring back to the boardroom. Tia began by asking where if she chose herself on whether or not Trump would fire an extra person like he did for the men. Trump said no. Therefore, Tia said she would fire herself and Trump immediately fired her.

That scenario kind of further emphasized that he just really wanted to get rid of people like Andretti in my opinion because he thought his celebrity presence has been used up already. The strategy that Aubrey used in this episode though to try and show the bias against her was the most interesting I thought. Not a bad technique to try yourself if you are caught in a similar situation.

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