Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Eight
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Eight

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This episode pretty much continued off from last week with people screaming at each other like some kind of high school episode I thought. It mostly came from Lisa having an argument with Arsenio about calling out Aubrey and the names he used. While they made it look like she left the show, she did indeed come back saying that she did it for the Charity.

The task this time was that the two teams had to create a 60 second commercial in order to help promote the company entertainment.com in regards to what it offers as well as its membership services. The teams would be judged by the executives of entertainment.com. The project manager for Unanimous was Teresa and for Forte it was Dayana. Maybe it’s just me, but Lisa Lampanelli is starting to really come across as a person who seems to have a lot of past issues or experience with people who have say achieved things faster than her. Even in this episode she goes off about dumb people who get ahead and so fourth as if she is the epitome of a person that works hard and gets nothing in the end type of scenario.

Team Unanimous’s direction was to create a commercial where Paul dressed up as a father figure who was cutting coupons from the newspaper, which was dubbed as old fashion, only to hear in the background what sounded like suggestive phrases that his daughter, who was Aubrey, was having sex with another guy. In actuality they were simply trying to say how great entertainment.com was.

Team Forte went with a more conservative approach where a couple was together and while the guy was trying to be intimate and close to his partner all she could ramble on about was how great entertainment.com was. Definitely more conservative I guess you can say. For the most part the executives liked both commercials. Team Unanimous’ commercial seemed more entertaining with some negatives being it may have been very risky with the suggestive adult content and at the same time they didn’t really talk about items such as membership prices. For Forte they did talk a lot about the company and did a better job in that aspect. However, their commercial was kind of dull and predictable. In the end, team Unanimous was the winner.

There was an interesting situation in the boardroom where both teams were given the opportunity to see each other’s videos. When Lou was asked which video he preferred he mentioned that he liked the other team’s better. That seemed to be a big negative in Trump’s view and he was saying how it seemed like a very disloyal thing to do. Aside from that, Lisa was trying to hammer Lou over and over again on how she felt that he doesn’t really do anything. Ultimately, it seemed like that disloyalty factor stuck with Trump and he used that as the main reason to fire Lou.

Interesting point about things like that where if you thought a competitor’s item was better is it better to just keep it to yourself? I guess overall it probably would.

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