Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 13
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 13

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I guess this is the second last episode and it continued off from last week where after the interviews another person was supposed to get fired. As it turned it, that person was Aubrey as Trump mentioned about the points that people thought she was a transparent person when it comes to her social tactics. So it was a pretty prompt decision it seemed as she was fired. That meant the final two as Arsenio and Clay.

The finale task for this season was that the two teams had to create a variety show for their charity as well as sell tickets for their event. Similar to past seasons, old contestants came back and the two project managers were able to choose people for their team. Arsenio chose Adam, Lisa, Paul and Teresa while Clay chose Penn, Debbie, Dee and Aubrey. Arsenio’s idea was to have some good comedy people on his team while clay went for the musicians.

On a side note there was an interesting part I thought as Aubrey was chosen last and if I’m not mistaken she then said in-front of the camera ““Those mofos.” I was actually surprised they let that through on TV and it made me wonder if the producers of the show just had no idea what it means as I’m sure all the younger people watching the show does. I guess acronym and Internet slang isn’t as well known yet for everyone.

Arsenio had an interesting idea and situation where for his promotional video for the event he wanted to get Magic Johnson himself to talk about the charity to give it more of an impact. To do this even though he was in the West and Arsenio was in the east Adam proposed that he had a camera crew there that could video tape Magic and then they could digitally transfer the file back to them at the East for video editing.

There was a funny incident and cliff hangar as a result of this as they had this concept where Arsenio would throw a basketball towards the camera as if magic then caught it on the other side and then begin to speak. They then gave instructions to the camera people that the ball should be going towards “camera left” which is a direction term so that the end footage matches up as if you are watching it live. The thing was they apparently took that direction literally and the majority of the footage that they received had magic Johnson literally facing left of the camera in a side profile type of view. Interesting dilemma I must say.

Clay seemed to have struggled with coming up with a concept initially for the promotional video. However, Penn eventually came up with a good idea of kids playing together just like normal kids and in the background you saw a wheelchair. Essentially, it was a way to say that you can’t tell which child has a disability in the group which further emphasizes what Clay’s charity is about. They spent a lot of time looking for the location to shoot the footage and apparently it is very hard to find green grass in New york. They did eventually find one spot that they decided to risk and shoot the footage at even though they didn’t have clear permission to do so.

Clay also had a surprise a in the midst of looking for people who would donate money he got a call from Lisa. Even though she was on Arsenio’s team she mentioned that she would show up for Clay’s event and would also donate money to his charity. Surprising moment indeed I thought. Overall it was pretty much left at the thought that Arsenio has more power too in terms of bringing in big donors. Really interested in seeing how this all turns out.

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