Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 12
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 12

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Looks like we are winding down to the final few contestants and this episode was broken down into two parts. The first part was the new task which revolved around the two teams having to promote the new CHI digital hairdryer product where they had to create a four page ad campaign for the product. The project manager for Unanimous was Teresa and for Forte it was Lisa.

To start off the two teams were able to select models to be a part of their ads and in this process the two project managers had to negotiate with each other on who would get which model. I think this was the moat interesting part in the whole episode as Lisa pretty much made Teresa look like a fool where Teresa pretty much told Lisa which model she really wanted and with that information Lisa pretended she wanted the same one. She used that to her advantage to play with Teresa and told her if she wanted this one girl model she would also have to take two guys who didn’t exactly have a lot of hair. Lisa pretty much stuck to her guns too and Teresa eventually just took it. That must be an embarrassing moment for when she watches this on TV.

Because of the model choices Aubrey decided that she would volunteer to be the model in team Unanimous’ ad. For the ads themselves team Unanimous’ looked more stylish with good model and product shots whereas team Forte’s ad wasn’t as appealing visually but it had written details about the product itself. During the actual presentation of the ad Teresa didn’t seem very good at public speaking at all which made the executives weary. Overall it seems because of the lack of information om Unanimous’ ad team Forte was the winner.

In the boardroom it seemed like Teresa was just trying grasp straws to save herself such as saying Arsenio didn’t bring anything to the table but whenever he challenged her on what she did she simply just kept trying to say how Aubrey and her did a lot. This was pretty clear cut it seemed and sure enough Teresa was fired. The episode wasn’t over though as immediately the remaining four were told that they would be interviewed by the previous season finalists Marlee and John. At the end of the interview another two people will be fired.

I didn’t feel the interviews brought out anything new about the contestants as it seemed to be more of a filler as even Trump kept emphasizing that in the end he gets to decide who will be fired. For Aubrey they felt she was playing a game, for Clay it was expressed whether or not he is leadership material, for Lisa her temper and emotions was put into question and for Arsenio it seems it was more about how someone with his background couldn’t pour out more money.

Again, these interviews seemed to be a filler as it seemed to me that Trump had already decided who he wants to put ahead for things like ratings and such. The first person he decided to fire was Lisa with the points about her and her emotion. The second firing wasn’t announced as the episode got cut off for next week. At this rate I would think it would be an Arsenio versus Aubrey match up just based on how the editing has been promoting those two in despising each other. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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