Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 11
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode 11

This week the two teams had to create a 90 second Jingle in an effort to promote Good Sam’s road side assistance program. On top of this the two teams had to preform this jingle with a live performance. The project manager for Unanimous was Arsenio and for Forte it was Dayana. Both choices for the project manger were a little odd I guess you can say as both of the musicians, Clay and Aubrey, weren’t the lead in the task.

This episode definitely turned into a daytime soap opera as the majority of it was people like Dayana and Lisa arguing with each other with Lisa going on her usually rants about how she thinks Dayana is useless. There was a lot of drama too with Dayana being the project manager and trying to get involved in a task where she wasn’t knowledgeable bout the topic. Therefore, Clay for example constantly felt frustrated that someone who knows less than he does was trying to tell him how to do what he knows best.

Unanimous appeared to get along a little better. There was still the tension between Arsenio and Aubrey. Similar to before too, she constantly touted to the camera on how she feels she is the only creative person on the team. For their jingle performance they went with a bit of a sex approach as they had the Good Sam mascot on stage with people like Aubrey in cheer leading outfits. For Forte they went a little more conservative which was mostly about the jingle and at the same time they used kind of a 60’s feel type of direction.

An interesting thing for their team was that Dayana was virtually non existent for the entire presentation which the executive took notice of as well. Essentially, she felt that Clay and Lisa was ganging up on her and not respecting her position. Therefore, she decided to take a step back and to let them do what they wanted. In the end the executive felt that Unanimous’ was catchy but a bit overboard with the sexual content. For Forte he thought that it was a enthusiastic presentation but their branding wasn’t very good. As a result, Unanimous was the winner.

The boardroom was kind of hairy with Lisa yelling super loud as usual about Dayana as she just kind of sat there while waiting for her turn. That then brought up debates about professionalism and how you can’t go off like that in a business environment which Dayana used to attack Lisa. Lisa simply tried to emphasize her success in the world while downplaying Dayana’s accomplishments in life. In the end, Clay and Lisa were both emphasizing that Dayana did a bad job. Trump then also made a comment how she has been in the boardroom so many times and that this one would get her. Not too surprising, Dayana was fired as a result.

Despite the made for TV drama it is kind of an interesting episode I thought in terms of managing people who feel they know more than you and that you have no right or qualification to critique or tell them how to do something. I guess the key phrase that was said is that in times like that it can be better to simply play a supporting role to try your best to empower them even more. Otherwise most likely it usually turns into a power struggle and the battle of the egos.

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