Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Finale
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Finale

So this is the last episode of the season. It continued off from last time with the drama of Team Marlee having to go through a contract dispute in getting Geoffrey Holder to participate in the 7-up commercial. The situation eventually settled though and to be honest it seemed like something that was placed in the show to create drama.

As usual there was a live taping of the finale where all the old contestants were brought together to give comments and to eventually witness live on who Trump decides to hire and fire. There was a comment on how Richard Hatch was missing as apparently he was brought back to jail for a tax evasion conviction. David Cassidy definitely was not sad about that situation and even went as far as saying he felt that was vindication.

John Rich had an interesting moment where even though this wasn’t a fund raising task, the owners of Melting Pot restaurant offered to donate to his charity $25,000. When the tasks actually started, as we all know Marlee got the Harlem Globetrotters. As you would expect, there was a basketball game showcase of sort. As well, Geoffrey Holder made an appearance since he was in the commercial. The task seemed to go very well for Marlee to the point where she was confident that she would win.

John Rich just seemed to be getting all the glory though. Just before his event started, a group of people went up to him to congratulate his accomplishments on the show thus far. On top of that, they presented him with a cheque for $250,000. That is the same amount he would get for his charity if he won the task. There was a lot of hiccups with his event in the beginning though. For example, in the beginning there was no one there to greet the 7-up executives.

When it came to introducing Def Leppard, he did so with a lot of energy and enthusiasm only to be put in an awkward situation as the band did not come out on stage. Apparently, they weren’t scheduled to come out until twenty minutes later. With some quick thinking, John decides to sing that “Don’t Fire me” song that we heard in previous episodes. Eventually, Def Leppard did arrive and everything went smoothly after.

The 7-up executives loved both events and expressed how both of them exceeded expectations. In the boardroom both team got a chance to evaluate each others can design. It seemed that both sides agreed that John’s team had the better can that simply popped out visually. In discussing about the task john took the liberty to bring up how he was able to raise $275,000. Marlee commented how she was confused as she didn’t think this was a fund raising task. Trump further emphasized that it was not. Soon after, it went to the live showing.

Most of the former contestants seemed to favour John as the winner such as saying Marlee had one of the best single task success with how much she raised, but John had the best season. The votes seemed to be eight to five in favour of John Rich. Trump then expressed how this was a very hard decision and that he is going to do something different. With that, he just stated that the winner of the Celebrity apprentice was John Rich. Essentially, there was no firing.

There goes another season. Interesting cast dynamic this time around. Though it did seem like a lot of the tasks were simply repeats of old ideas. Think at this rate they would have to mix it up such as half a team of celebrities versus half a team of regular people. That would be fun to see.

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