Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 9
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 9

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There was definitely some new stuff that happened in this episode that I never seen before in the series. Specifically, as you know La Toya was fired. In this episode she came back and pitched to Trump that she felt she didn’t deserved to be fired and wanted to come back to show on the men’s team to prove herself. In the beginning, Trump simply stated that he would think about it as he had never done anything like that in the past.

The task this time was that the two teams had to create a hair show to promote BioSilk and Chi products and at the same time would be provided with professional hair stylists. Like most tasks of these types, they would be judged on brand messaging and overall presentation. The project manager for the men was Lil Jon and for the women it was NeNe.

The men had a very interesting idea when it came to selecting models. They decided to call one of the women’s former teammate Niki Taylor. They figured for one she was definitely qualified and at the same time it would really shock everyone. When they called her, she enthusiastically agreed and was wondering why her former teammates didn’t think of calling her.

The women’s team didn’t seem very unified as everyone seemed to be getting on each other’s skin as people didn’t seem to be respecting each other. For the theme the women decided to go with a “Shake your beauty” where it was essentially a heavy emphasis on highlighting hair in a energetic way. The men decided to go with a “Feeling Good in America” theme which was more conservative I guess you can say.

Choosing Niki to help proved to be even more of an asset for the men as she volunteered to bring some of her super model friends to help with the task. Overall, the men had a decent presentation. For the women, again they seemed disorganized. There was also criticism that while Hope is a model, she didn’t look very natural walking the stage. Not surprisingly, in the end the men were chosen as the winner.

The boardroom seemed to have been a repeat of the past where Trump for some reason seems to be focusing more on a person’s overall ability in the future to compete. With that in mind, Hope was being hammered for being under the radar and how he felt this type of environment wasn’t for her. I guess another way to look at it is that he probably just wanted to keep who he felt would create the best TV drama, so to speak. As a result, Hope was fired.

In the end, Trump also announced that he would be allowing La Toya to come back on the men’s side, Trump also said that he has never done this before and never will again. I think the most interesting moment of this episode was how the men chose Niki Taylor. Just makes you wonder how many people you know yourself that you overlook each day that would be perfect in helping you and instead they end up somewhere else because you didn’t think of it.

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