Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 5
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 5

This has got to be the most fiery episode that I have seen in a long time. The task in this episode revolved around the team teams creating original artwork which they would then sell at a fundraiser that they would setup and host. As well, each member would get a plain white New Era baseball cap that they would have to decorate in hopes to sell at the fundraiser for more money. The team who made the most money would win. The project manager for the men was John Rich and for the women it was Marlee Matiln.

From the start John Rich was telling his team that he was bringing all of his heavy donors for this task as he wanted to show what the country music community could do. At the same time, he emphasized that he expected everyone else to contribute by bringing in large donations as well. Richard and Jose appeared to be the immediate ones who said that they would have the toughest time doing so as they simply don’t have those kinds of contacts.

A short while later, apparently Jose received news that his dad was losing a fight against cancer. This resulted in Jose taking himself out of the show. At the same time, Trump decided to donate $25,000 to his charity. Richard then started to imply that maybe Jose did that just to get out of having to call people to donate money as he thought it was a little too coincidental.

There was a part in the episode where each team had to buy their own material to create the artwork. For example, paint and brushes. There was a moment where Gary was asking Meat Loaf if he was buying canvases for everyone and this just seemed to really tick Meat Loaf off in an irritable way. He looked like he was ready to punch Gary.

When it came to the moment where the teams had to actually paint their creations Meat Loaf was unable to find the supplies that he purchased from the store. Immediately, he accused Gary of stealing the items from him. To say you got angry is an understatement. He simply lost it and began to throw insults and threats to Gary. The team then diligently tried to get the two away from each other to prevent a physical altercation.

Eventually, the team did find Meat Loaf’s material. This then made him realize what a big error he has made and his anger management skills. I’m sure you will be seeing videos of this incident all across the web now. John Rich was able to get them to start focusing on the task again by reminding them on the reason that they were there which was for the charity.

On the women’s side they appeared to be plagued by trying to do things a little too late. When it came time to transporting to the space where they would conduct the fundraiser at for example they started to commute during times where the traffic congestion was at its peak. In the meantime, the men appeared to be all organized with plenty of time to spare. The women didn’t arrive at their space until about thirty minutes before opening.

For the most party it seeme like the men were dominating the women in every aspect. Not only that, while Marlee had a few $99,000 sales which seemed spectacular, one of John Rich’s contact donated $470,000 alone. There was also a surprise visit from Federico Castelluccio who was going to look at all of the New Era baseball caps that the teams made and select a winner which would get additional funds for their charity.

At the end of the task Trump mentioned how combined the two teams have raised the most money in the history of the show. As a result, he had a proposal for John and Marlee. While normally the winning team also gets the losing team’s funds to put towards their charity, Trump proposed that since they both did so well that the losing team would get to keep what they made for their own charity. However, they would have to agree to that. To Trump’s surprise they did.

It was then time to announce how much each team made. Indeed, the numbers even surprised me as the two teams raised the following:

Men – $626,908
Women – $986,000

The show had you believe that the men seemed like the clear winners and here you see that the women raised over $300,000 more than them. Since Marlee was only $14,000 away from $1,000,000 Trump decided to donate the extra $14,000 himself to make it an even million.

The firing process was strange this time as Trump asked the women if they felt that someone should be fired even though the men lost a player already. Not surprisingly, they wanted Trump to fire another to try and even out the teams. Strangely enough, he then asks the women on who they think should be fired. Everyone appeared to be targeting Richard for the simple fact that he has consistently said that he can’t raise money like everyone else as his celebrity status doesn’t enable him to do it as easily as others.

It was pretty straight forward from there as Richard was fired. Interesting episode that I am sure will be referenced for times to come.

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