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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 4

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This episode felt like a deja vu of some sort. The two team’s task was to create a short video advertising the company ACN and its video phone product. As well, the two teams would have to present this to a live audience of hundreds of ACN’s representatives who would vote on which one they liked best. Whichever team received the most votes would win. The project manager for the men was Lil John and for the women it was NeNe Leakes.

When the task was announced I thought to myself “Wasn’t this done on the show before?” Sure enough,it has. That made me think that either this company is paying Trump a lot of money to get air time or the show is running out of people to work with. For the general theme of the video the men decided to go with person telling his parents about his new engagement/fiance to his his parents. The twist was that the guy’s fiance was another man. So they were going for the risky comedy route.

For the women they decided to go with a more heart touching moment of the daughter talking to her parents on the video phone from far away. As well, they used Marlee Matlin to emphasize how with a video phone even a deaf person can communicate with it where she was the mother talking to her daughter.

Most of the drama appeared to have generated from the women’s team. There were interesting moments such as La Toya saying that she literally couldn’t read things because of her blurred vision. Therefore, she was assigned a task of being a timekeeper of sort. As you may have guessed, that was kind of low responsibility role that was given.

The men seemed more unified overall. There was one moment on the women’s side where when it came time to editing the footage Dionne simply left with the thought that she was no use in the editing room anyways. That kind of rubbed everyone on the team the wrong way. During the actual live presentation each team appeared to do very well.

The women seemed to have hit their mark in delivering a touching message whereas the men definitely entertained the crowd. Therefore, it seemed like the winner would be decided based mostly on personal preference. It definitely was close as the men got 53% of the vote while the women received 47% which made the men the winner.

Determining who to fire got interesting as it seemed like people were targeting La Toya and Dionne. The funny thing was Dionne had the attitude of since everyone was against her that Trump should just fire her. Not much is needed to say about that as of course she was fired.

What a strange season this has been where two cast members on the women’s side simply quit that easily when they are playing for their charity.

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