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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 3

I think this episode had the least interesting task to watch thus far. The objective was to stage a camping experience where the two teams would be provided an RV. At the same time, they would use camping gear provided by a company called “World Camping Supplies.” The team with the best camping experience and presentation would win. The project manager for the men was Gary Busey and for the women it was Niki Taylor.

The episode was interesting on the men’s side as Gary Busey didn’t seem to be very hands on when it came to taking control of the task. However, many of the team members simply took initiative and began to do things to progress the task forward without him. For the women there seemed to be a common theme again where Star was complaining that there was a lack of direction in telling people what to do and so she took initiative to do things. At times like that it makes you wonder where if everyone is really just that bad or if it is that person themselves.

The presentation for each team had a clear distinction where the men appeared to be trying to create a genuine camping experience type of scenario whereas the women seemed like they were going for a “Home on the road” type of message. The men also created their own music while the event was going on which enabled them to entertain and attract a crowd better. The only real highlight for the women it seemed was La Toya’s product knowledge of the RV. Other than that, it wasn’t even close as the men demolished the women and were the winners.

The boardroom was a little surprising as immediately Niki was placed in the hot seat since she was the project manager. However, she simply took all the blame and refused to point the fingers at anyone else. Essentially, she was taking the diplomatic road and implying that they should fire her. Trump mentioned that he commended that as she was a person that took full responsibility and all. With that in mind, she indeed was fired after.

I was just thinking the way she left the show will probably give her a lot of good PR.

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