Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 11
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 11

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This episode started to see some action right away as we saw Trump walk into the candidate’s rooms. There, he told them that they would go through an interview session and after two more people would be fired. Conducting the interview were three former winners consisting of Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers, and Piers Morgan.

For the most part everyone said their piece on why they think they are the best. Lil John’s answers were very strange though as when asked who he believed should be in the final two he said Marlee and John Rich. His reasoning was that he was thinking how much money they raised and thinking how he respected that a lot. He then further emphasized that another reason for being on the show wasn’t to win it all but rather to break a stereotype that people have about rappers. Essentially, the negative views that they are all drug junkies that simply swear all day.

In the boardroom Trump was talking about the feedbacks that were given to him and asked each candidate who should be in the final two. Everyone had John Rich on their list. I must say, he had one of the best answers too on why he should be a final contestant I thought. Essentially, he was talking about how all his life was about him and trying to reach his goals for himself and that the show offered him a special opportunity to take all of that and use it as a way to give back to others.

For Lil John, this time he actually did say himself on who he would choose to bein the final two. However, Trump then mentioned how in the interview he didn’t say that and this reminded him of the similar error that Lennox Lewis did as well where he didn’t choose himself. As a result, Lil John was fired.

Aferwards, Trump mentioned how Meatloaf’s comments was that he is too emotional at times and wears his heart on his sleeve. While Trump admired that, he doesn’t feel that is a wise decision in a business environment. Therefore, Meatloaf was fired. As a result, the final two was John and Marlee.

The finale task revolved around the beverage 7up and how they were launching a “7up Retro” version of their beverage. They would have to design a retro display package, create a commercial and as well develop a launch event for the product. The teams had a choice of a 70’s theme where they would be provided with the Harleem Globetrotters or an 80’s theme where they would be provided with the music band Def Leppard. Since Marlee raised the most money she got first pick of the task. He chose the Globetrotters which meant John got Def Leppard which he was ecstatic about.

As usually, the final two got to choose past candidates to be on their team. John Rich ended up selecting Lil John, Mark Mcgrath and Star Jones. Marlee matlin ended up with Meatloaf, Richard Hatch and La Toya Jackson. Based on the past, John Rich’s team sounds more solid I would say. It sure seemed that way too as during the task John Rich’s team seemed a lot more focused. They came up with a tagline of “Still keeping it real” to emphasize how that beverage is still going strong to this date. Marlee’s team went with a “7up retro, feel the love” which was more straight forward I thought as it was highlighting how the beverage makes people feel in a positive way.

For John Rich’s commercial he decided to go with a audition theme where you have a bunch of people trying to audition as 80 icons without much success. Their surprise though was that they were able to get Dee Snider where in the commercial after drinking the soda he would revert into his popular 80’s persona Twisted Sister.

Marlee Matlin went with a direction where her team was able to get Geoffrey Holder who was famous for doing the 7up commercials back in the 70’s. They did have a huge setback though as when they shot the commercial with him, apparently some entertainment lawyers expressed how he cannot sign the release form due to some kind of technicality. This made the team worry as they literally had no plan B. Meatloaf went ballistic over this.

For John Rich, his drama came in the form of having to deal with Def Leppard’s tour manager where he was being very hard to deal with such has criticizing about certain things that john Rich wanted to do in the event with the band. Overall though, he seemed to be in way better shape than Marlee’s team.

Guess it is coming to an end soon. Unless this video editing is just deceptive, it seems like John Rich is the favorite thus far.

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