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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 1

Fell behind this season as there was so much to do. But, finally had some time to catch up on the latest Apprentice season. Seems this time it is another celebrity edition. I must say though, for myself most of the celebrities this time around are not too familiar to me. Add that to the fact that in the beginning Trump talks about the past celebrity winners and where they were before coming onto the show makes you wonder if they are just running out of presently popular people to bring into the show.

This time around on the men’s side dubbed themselves as team “Backbone” and it consisted of the following people:

Gary Busey
Jose Canseco
David Cassidy
Richard Hatch
Lil Jon
Mark McGrath
Meat Loaf
John Rich

They did have a fairly interesting brainstorm whee initially the idea of naming their team “Sperm Farmers” came up. You can tell this group is going to be a crazy mixed up bunch. The men also decided that Richard Hatch would be the first project manager.

The women dubbed themselves as “ASAP” and had the following roster of candidates:

Hope Dworaczyk
La Toya Jackson
Star Jones
NeNe Leakes
Marlee Matlin
Lisa Rinna
Niki Taylor
Dionne Warwick

The meaning behind its name apparently was that it was an acronym for “Artists, Singers, Authors, Performers.” Seems kind of complicated I think as the first thing you would think of is “As soon as possible.” Star Jones was selected as the project manager for the women.

The task was a pizza related one. Each team had to run a pizzeria and attempt to sell the pizza for money. The team that raised the most money would win. There was a choice in the beginning where the teams had to choose a location. One location consisted more of a younger crowd consisting of college students while the other had older people that was around a theatre area. The men went for the college student location and the women went for theatre one.

Richard Hatch really stood out personality wise as he seemed like one of those people that delegates everyone in a aggressive manner. At times he even physically pushed away David Cassidy whenever he wanted him to stop speaking as the assumption was because he was a smaller person than he was.

The women’ s team had an interesting scenario on the actual day of the event as Dionne Warwick was on the cash register. Didn’t seem like the best choice as she was incredibly slow in processing transactions. It looked like a situation where the person was a little out of place with the technology that was used to process the payments.

There was a surprising twist as during the task celebrity chef Curtis Stone dropped by each store to taste the pizza made by each team. Afterwards he would choose which team’s pizza tasted the best as the winners would get a chance to win an additional $35,000. None of the teams knew about this reward though. In the end Curtis chose the woman’s pizza as the best.

There was a another twist though. To get this money they had to deliver pizzas to some firemen at a firehouse before the task deadline. Star Jones made an interesting executive decision as she had to get pizzas delivered to the firemen as well as a donor offering about $40,000. To do this, she closed down the pizza store from the general public so that they could focus in getting the pizzas delivered. Unfortunately, they did not deliver the firehouse one on time. The team didn’t learn until the end in regards to how much they lost because of that.

In the end, the men raised $54,104 and the women raised $115,368. It was a knockout for sure. As well, Trump asked the women on who they thought was the superstar on their team and they all said it was Niki Taylor since she was the chef. As a result, Trump donated $35,000 to her charity.

In the boardroom it appeared as though everyone was attacking Richard and his leadership style. Jose even implied that he wanted to sock him one and David kept emphasizing what was done to him. As well, Jose made a comment on how he always sticks up for the little guy as he felt that Richard was just picking on people like David because of his size. Richard decided to bring Jose and David with him to the boardroom.

While it seemed like Richard was the clear person who was going to go, David Cassidy was ridiculed for not being able to defend himself while lacking the drive and passion that the other two men had. It seemed like Richard kept belittling him and it was always Jose that would rise up to it most of the time. Trump then made a comment that he didn’t exactly like Richard and was a fan of David’s. But business wise he didn’t see the fight and passion in him and as a result he was fired.

Interesting start so far. What I do find really interesting this time around is how one of the contestant, Marlee Matlin, is literally deaf. Must be very strange not being able to hear every single detail such as if people are arguing. Will be neat to see her project manage in the future too.

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