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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 7

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Took me awhile to finally watch this episode. It started off interesting as Sharon Osbourne was saying how she didn’t like the dynamics of the team and wanted to quit the show. To even out the teams Curtis was now transferred to Tenacity while Sharon and Maria moved over to Rocksolid.

This time the teams had to develop and run a celebrity exercise class while also selling tickets to the event which would be conducted at a place called 24 hour fitness. There was a stipulation too where any tickets purchased required that a person must be there to participate in the routine and so they can’t just simply donate money as those funds would not count towards the team’s total. The Project manager for Tenacity was Holly and for Rocksolid it was Sharon.

It seemed like Rocksolid was going for the fun and energetic routine approach while Tenacity was more about being serious while developing a routine that the fitness centre would be happy to hold in their facility. Team tenacity seemed to have overlooked the aspect of trying to actually get bodies into the fitness centre as they were scrambling to find people. What they decided to do was hustle within the fitness centre and attempt to draw people that were already there to take the class. Rocksolid appeared to have things easier as their celebrity status was a bit more well-known to attract more people.

When the classes started there was a 24 hour fitness rep for each to judge the class as the best team determined by them would get an additional $24,000. Tenacity only had about four people in the class while Rocksolid’s class was packed. It was interesting as the winner of the $24,000 seemed to have come sown to the routine that was fun and unique versus the one that was more professional and proper. The judges decided to choose Rocksolid.

In the end Tenacity $206,090 raised and Rocksolid raised $131,803. Wow, that was a lot that Tenacity raised I thought which even surprised me. Add that to the fact that the combined amount of both team’s goes to Holly’s one charity which even adds more to the surprise as that is apparently the highest amount raised in one task. The boardroom had a twist too as Trump was saying that since the two teams raised a combined total of about $337,000 that he decided not to fire anyone. Holly then also mentioned that because of the amount raised that she was going to cut a cheque for Sharon’s charity.

Was a very nice episode overall that demonstrated the more light hearted side of doing business with people. I know most people say business is ruthless with a trust no one mentality. But, from time to time it’s nice to see moments like those where people help each other and recognizing the efforts of others.

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