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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 5

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The task this time around was that the teams had to promote Rightguard products by creating a 30 second television commercial and a 10 second Internet commercial. They specifically wanted the teams to target the young sports enthusiasts. Creativity, brand integration and overall presentation. The project manger for the women was Holly Peete and for the men it was Curtis Stone. As well, the teams were given former NBA players Clyde Drexler & Scottie Pippen to help act in the commercials.

The women’s concept was to create a theme around how young kids who hit puberty all of a sudden develop this “funk” and hence you need deodorant products. It seemed like it was geared towards the parents who would make the purchases as they had clips such as a mom pretending that one day she notices her child has body odor. They also used Scottie Pippen as a “Funky Godfather” where he could come by and deodorize people with Right Guard products. For their Internet commercial they basically just did a stripped down version of this.

For the men they went with a more over exaggerated approach where Clyde Drexler was working out like crazy yet he produced no body odor because of Right Guard. It had things such as him getting hit with basketballs, doing hundreds of jumping jacks, etc. The teenagers would then try to smell him and sure enough there was no odor. For their Internet commercial they had quick clips of Drexler reacting in a big way about a person’s odor saying “whew” a few times in a repeated video fashion and of course then saying how one needs the Right Guard product.

There seemed to be so much side story to this episode too. For one Brett Michaels was hearing news that his daughter seemed to be getting symptoms of being diagnosed as a diabetic. As well, towards the end Michael Johnson apparently had some kind of family issue and hence he left the show. Sharon Osbourne was missing in action as she was sick and Cyndi Lauper for the most part of the show was attending a speech that the US president was conducting.
The final conscience of the executives was that for the men’s presentation they did a good job articulating the brand. The drawback in the notes was that they felt the men’s viral Internet video was not funny enough. For the women the comments was that their video had a lot of good physical humor and in many ways was creative in the way they used Pippen. The biggest con was that they felt the target in the ads were to mothers and not the teenage boys. In the end, the men won.

The decision on who to fire this time didn’t even seem to have anything to do about the task in particular as opposed to who is the most vocal in protecting themselves in the boardroom. It was between Selita Ebanks, Maria Kanellis and Holly Peete. Selita Ebanks was definitely the more quiet one whereas the other two had a more fiery personality. I guess you have to think about ratings too considering this is a TV show. In the end, Trump decided to fire Ebanks.

From a business perspective it was interesting to see how many people feel that when it comes to commercials on the Internet the whole point is that it needs to be designed in a way where it will go viral. There are so many video ads on websites nowadays where I would say the intent is to get you to click on it so that you visit the site to learn more. Usually it’s the videos that are longer than ten seconds where the intent is to make it viral I think.

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