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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 4

This episode was kind of entertaining as it was like an exhibition of an old school way of thinking when it comes to communicating with people and technology versus a more modern day mentality. There was a twist this time around too as the project managers were separated from their teams. The project manager for Rocksolid was Rod Blagojevich and for Tenacity it was Selita Ebanks.

The task was that the teams had to create and present a 3D interactive display exhibit to help entice people to visit Universal Orlando’s upcoming attraction called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They would be evaluated by fans of the Harry potter series as their feedbacks would help the Universal Executives determine the winning team.

At the start the two project managers were flown to Orlando to get hands on information about the attraction and the Harry Potter series in general. With that they then have to remotely manage and lead their team members to create the display. Everything from delegating who would be in charge of what to how the final product should be.

This episode definitely exploited Rod Blagojevich’s lack of technical knowledge again. Selita Ebanks seemed to have everything covered such as using her phone to send text messages or sending people photos of her diagrams on how she felt the display should be made. Blagojevich was completely dumbfounded it seems as he couldn’t do any of that. He even replied that he didn’t need to know this stuff such as how to use e-mails to be effective. I use this stuff all the time and I can’t imagine how much slower I would be productivity wise without it.

Everything was shown in a way where it looked like the men’s project was a disaster. It seemed like all Rod Blagojevich was doing was just choosing people to be responsible for certain tasks for the sake of doing so and then hoping for the best. The fact that he wasn’t able to use modern day computer products to communicate with his teammates didn’t help. On the women’s side everything seemed more organized.

During the actual presentation the women’s presentation appeared to be more on the point as you could tell their team had more knowledge about the Harry Potter series. For the men it looked like they were more energetic though even though they weren’t quite on the ball in terms getting various names and facts right in their presentation. Scenes such as Goldberg being in a tree costume was amusing. In the end, the executives decided that the women did a better job overall.

This must be a shoot down Rod Blagojevich episode as even in the boardroom he sounded like a stereotypical politician where they constantly avoid answering questions by circling around remarks that designed to sway you to talk about something else. It was pretty clear though that the failure was due to his leadership and inability to use computer products. I agreed with Trump though where he is in a position that since he is on TV he can’t really say anything bad as it will probably come back and haunt him. In the end, Blagojevich was fired.

Even in the end remarks where he was being driven away he sounded like a politician as there he started to say he took the blame for everything. If you watch the clip in the boardroom it didn’t seem that way. Too much politics tactics and not enough business. 🙂

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