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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 11 Finale

Well, this was the final episode and of course it was a continuation of the Snapple task between Bret And Holly. Most of the interesting parts came at the end I thought where as usual the winner was determined in-front of a live audience. In a nutshell, both Holly and Bret did a live presentation at a Snapple event to try and convince everyone that their creation was better as well as getting the message across about their charity.

Holly seemed stronger overall as everything appeared to go in a planned way. Bret seemed to be extremely nervous and eventually had to just wing it. However, remembering why he was on the show made him talk from the heart which seemed to work for him. One of the main debates was how Bret decided to go with a diet drink which put him at a disadvantage as one of the factors about having a good drink is the taste. But that was semi countered with the fact that he market is big on health these days and a diet drink could fit in very well.

The executives seemed pretty deadlock as they felt both of them were completely different and at the same time had a great product and presentation. You then saw Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic return while giving their comments on who they felt should win. Joan Rivers talked about the real life ordeals that Bret has been recently going through which seemed to persuade her into saying because of that and still being able to do the show he should win. As you know, it has been featured on many news clips and talk shows.

Bill Rancic had a more business view in saying how you can’t argue with Holly’s performance such as raising the most money. He also made a comment on how the popular vote is not always the right one. He was referencing how most people could relate to Bret’s pain and suffering which made him popular over the past few weeks personally. In the end, Donald Trump chose Bret as the winner.

There wasn’t anything too ecstatic in the finale I thought and I think the whole season just seemed a bit uninspiring as there wasn’t anything too new. These celebrity editions seem to be losing its charm a bit too. They did announce in the end that the next installment will be conducted with regular people just like in the past. So maybe we will see more business focused episodes. Was definitely good for everyone’s charity though which was great.

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