Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 9
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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 9

I think this episode takes the cake for the most dramatic outcome thus far. The two team’s task was to create a four page print ad for Right Guard deodorant products. The two teams were able to use an NBA player named David Lee as the model.

Since the teams were uneven, Jesse James was moved over to KOTU. The project manager for KOTU was Clint black and for Athena it was Brande Roderick. I guess the theme of this episode was how making yourself believe that something is bad can create unnecessary paranoia and negativity.

For Jesse James it seemed like he disliked Clint Black so much that any decisions that were made which Jesse did not agree with it automatically turned him to be extremely cynical while thinking their end product was horrible. For Melissa Rivers, she continually believed that Annie Duke and Brande Roderick were conspiring to get rid of her which made her paranoid and extremely sensitive to everything.

Jim Kramer was a special guest on the show as he was before in the past as a person that would simply monitor a team. This time he was monitoring Athena and is was kind of interesting as he kind of saw right through Annie Duke and how it appeared as if she was trying to strategically set everything up to make herself sound good regardless of the outcome.

KOTU went with a more brand focused presentation. Example, the highlight was mainly about the product and tidbits about it with David Lee being more of a way to tell that story I would say. For Athena they were more focused in showing David Lee with a lifestyle type of direction such as seeing him in a basketball game or at a party being very comfortable with his body odor. A little different in approach. In the end the executives liked both of them very much. However, KOTU’s was preferred and so they finally pulled a victory.

Now here comes the interesting a part. In the boardroom it was mainly Brande and Melissa that had to fight for their lives. Annie Duke for the most part was just sitting there. The main debate on who to get rid of seemed to be that Brande doesn’t seem like she is a leader whereas Melissa doesn’t appear to be a strong fundraiser. While at first it seemed like Brande was going to get axed, she just simply showed more emotion in wanting to stay.

On the other hand, Melissa River seemed to not be as confident. At one point though she even got so upset that when Donald Trump asked her a question she cut him off by saying “Can I finish?” Trump then passed Jim Kramer a note of some sort while everyone was arguing still. From what I gather it looked like he was asking if the person he wrote was the right person to fire.

In the end, Donald Trump said that it is going to come down to raising a lot of money. It seemed like he didn’t believe she could do well in. Then Melissa brought up the point again how she felt she was setup in a way by Annie and Brande. Regardless though, Melissa was fired and she was not happy. She did not want to any camera interviews and just wanting to grab her stuff and leave. She was cursing and cussing in the process as well such as saying “Lying fucking whores”.

You then saw Joan Rivers’ reaction saying how there is now a “Nazi and a follower” in the finals and started to pack up to leave the show as well. I must say though, when I saw Annie say to Brande “You did nothing wrong” outside of the suite it just seemed like one of those manipulative tactics to make oneself look “neutral”.

Upon entering the suite Joan Rivers just lost it and pointed at Annie duke saying that she was a piece of shit and that Brande Roderick was a stupid blonde. Joan then implied to Brande that she was being manipulated and doesn’t know it. This then got confusing as Joan was asking Brande if this show meant that much to her as not everything was all about money. Brande then emotionally yelled out that yes it was important to her as she wanted to give $250,000 to her charity and the whole point of being on the show was all about money.

Joan Rivers then gives a reaction saying “Oh, suddenly it’s about money”. Kind of confusing as I guess I have to agree with Brande that even I would assume it’s all about money for everyone to be there. I would say this is an example on how getting emotional doesn’t make you think too rationally.

Then, Joan Rivers makes a comment that is probably going to be out there with poker players for awhile where she pointed at Annie Duke and said “And your people they give money with blood on it. I met your people in Vegas for 40 years. None of them have last names”.

She continued to bash poker players then saying to Annie Duke in a snidely way “You’re a poker player. A poker player! That’s beyond white trash.”
While Annie Duke tried to counter that statement saying “Poker players are the most awesome people in the world” Joan Rivers just followed it up by saying ”Poker players are trash, darling, trash.”

You then see how Ivanka Trump and everyone else could hear through the boardroom on how Melissa Rivers was continuing to demand for her stuff as she was not coming back in a vulgar way. The production staff abided and Joan and Melissa then just went to the elevator and left.

Very personal episode I thought with a lot of character clashes. You know, so many things were apparent on this where I thought in terms of personalities this is a very common scenario. In my own opinion, to me it seemed like Melissa Rivers had a bit too much of that entitlement lifestyle where maybe one was given too much and therefore never got to experience to fight these battles.

For Brande it did seem like she was getting played to a certain extent and is just not seeing it. You even saw in the show how they were trying to make comments to ask the question whether being beautiful makes you not as smart as you can get things in life a little easier without having to think as much.

For Annie she just seemed like the perfect example of a person that knows how to “Play a game” where she passively influences and sizes up people. For a lack of a better word, I guess you can say it is a very good way of manipulating people. Example, it seems like she knows when to throw more oil into the fire when someone is burning to get rid of them faster while making herself look like an angel.

Of course, this could be due to all of the editing as well. The moral of the story I saw from this is life experience. It doesn’t matter if it is an extremely negative or positive situation. You can learn so much in business and in life when it comes to dealing with certain people to better prepare yourself for anything to become successful.

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