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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 6

The first twist of this episode was that the teams were now going to be mixed up. The new teams were as follows with Brian McKnight being absent due to a concert:

Herschel Walker
Clint Black
Natalie Gulbis
Joan Rivers
Khloe Kardashian

Jesse G. James
Melissa Rivers
Annie Duke
Tionne Watkins
Brande Roderick

Clint Black and Melissa Rivers were the project managers. The task this time around was that the two teams had to create 60 second online viral video to help promote the company “all” and its laundry detergent products. The winner would be determined by the executives of “all” based on the video’s originality, buzz worthiness and branding of the company. To also help in judging the videos they used an entertainment blogger named Perez Hilton.

At first both teams had the idea to create something funny with the theme revolving around casting “midgets” for their 60 second film. Athena originally chose this due to a statistic that they found where one of the highest searched viral videos on the Internet had the keyword “midget” in it.

KOTU’s idea was to go with a dirty adult joke type of humor where this very short actor would be implying to the audience that he was going to have sex with his wife with lines such as “Do you want to do the dirty laundry with me tonight?”. Then in actuality the clip is suppose to imply that what the short guy ended up doing was masturbating and hence they need the all detergent to clean up the mess.

Yes, it was as bad as it sounds I must say. Aside from the very terrible acting, the idea just seems so wrong and offensive for what should be a product that is targeting moms with kids. Therefore, what ended up happening was Clint Black decided to play the role of the actor and then hired a model to play the wife. Again, it was the same concept except with the model she would flash her body to imply they were going to have sex.

For Athena their idea was to have Jesse James talk about the “all” laundry detergent products while he was in a complete mess such as having dirty clothes. Since the product had a small but mighty type of theme there was then three very short actors dressed up in detergent themed costumes who would start scrubbing and hosing down Jesse James to clean him up. They titled their video as “Jesse James Dirty With Midget” and the result was pretty horrible still I thought. Here are the videos:

The executives watched the videos and weren’t very pleased with either as they felt both of them did not meet company standards. However, Perez Hilton enjoyed Athena’s viral video as he found it funny. The end result was that since the executives disliked both of the videos there was no winner. Donald Trump then mentioned that both teams had to choose three people to go to the boardroom as two people were going to be fired.

For KOTU it was Clint Black, Natalie Gulbis and Khloe Kardashian. For Athena it was Melissa Rivers, Brande Roderick and Tionne Watkins who openly volunteered to be on the chopping block. Now this was a surprise as for Athena Donald Trump asked her if she knew about Bradford from the previous apprentice seasons.

For those who follow the show you may remember a contestant who was a project manager and was immune from being fired. Yet, he arrogantly said he was willing to give up his immunity to go to the boardroom as he was confident about his performance. Result, he was fired because of that. Donald Trump was then telling everyone how you should never volunteer to be executed and because of that he fired Tionne Watkins.

Then we go on to KOTU. It was kind of interesting as this firing didn’t really have much to do about the task at all but rather personality and life decisions. It was noted that last episode Khloe Kardashian was missing for an unknown reason. She then mentioned how it was because she has been charged for a DUI offence and as a result had to take classes and get a leave of absence to attend the show which a judge was not too happy about.

Donald Trump was then expressing his feelings how he hates people who drive under the influence of alcohol and talked about how he knows people who lost loved ones to drunk drivers. To add salt to the wound, he expressed that have he had known that Khloe Kardashian had these kinds of charges with her alcohol problem he would have never let her on the show.

Trump then asked her what charity she was raising money for and then threw the comment that they shouldn’t have to suffer because of a mistake that she made. After all that, Trump mentioned he would give her charity $20,000 and that she was fired. Was very harsh and in some ways necessary I suppose.

This season sure has had a lot of addiction problems when it comes to celebrities. Almost turning into a dramatic soap opera about people destroying their lives.

Comments to Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 6

  • I am 34 year old woman with a kid and trust me I do alot of laundry. I thought the Jesse James video was GREAT. People over 25 have a sense of humor. I think they were “spot” on. Pretty sure America loved it. Mr. Trump you were wrong in firing the 2 people this week. Clint should have been fired, he excluded his entire team. A true leader listens to his team, shares in the creativity and ultimately makes the final decision.

    Jen 4/6/2009 4:39 pm
  • This has been bothering me since I saw the episode… WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE MODEL with Clint Black? I have seen her in something before and it is driving me insane because I can’t remember if it was a commercial or a show. Please if anyone else knows please say something.

    Bryan 4/7/2009 12:09 am
  • All Laundry completely missed the point about what viral videos and online social media marketing are about.

    As a brand owner, you need to determine if your brand is right for online video. Is your brand compelling and simple, or complex and direct-response oriented? If you’re a consumer-product goods (CPG), it’s a no-brainer. If you’re in a complex, crowded, regulated and boring industry, it’s going to be more difficult.

    Secondly, let go. Your marketing message is critical to you, but if your content is driven by an advertising objective it’s at risk of being a flop. If you want to go viral, you’ve got to entertain first and promote subtly. There are countless case studies on this, and it’s an inarguable fact. If you buy media, your ads can be boring. But if you expect people to share your video, it better be entertaining, provocative, sexy, funny, outrageous or at least interesting.

    Jonathan Lyon

    Jonathan 4/7/2009 6:59 am
  • I really thought that Trump missed the mark on this one. The video with Jesse James was hilarious! It was everything you’d expect for a funny and well viewed internet video. I think the video would actually appeal to alot of people, including their target demographic. I just think they might want to change the title of the piece and alot of the controversy over the video would go away.

    Hanna 4/8/2009 12:51 am
  • there were alot of women participating in the show, and all i would say just about fit that demographic. all of which… laughed at the jessie video, it was a no brainer, their target market was going to love it. with that in mind, they really shouldnt have had the guy bleet off and march off storming. that kind of behavior goes from funny to awkward, kind of like watching denis rodman? that woman at ALL obviously doesnt get it. i think she really wanted a regular comercial -_-

    autokad 4/10/2009 2:48 pm
  • I don’t think ALL understands viral video. Jessie James video was hilarious. I am a 47 year old woman. I do laundry. I also enjoy humor!! ALL really missed out. And Trump didn’t fire the right people-amazingly it seems hard for him to fire the celebs he ‘likes’-didn’t think he had a heart.

    Rhoades 4/22/2009 9:40 pm

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