Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 5
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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 5

So the task this time around for the two teams was to operate a hotel business for the company Loews Regency Hotel. They would essentially take care of all the customer service duties ranging from checking in guests in to handling their needs at the hotel. The customers will then rate the teams and the one with highest approval rate would win.

For the women Tionne Watkins was the project manager and for the men it was Dennis Rodman. Like most people, I was interested in seeing what Dennis Rodman could do considering for the most part he hadn’t really done anything. As a little bit of a twist Stephen Baldwin and Vincent Pastore, two contestants from last year’s episode, checked in as guests to the hotels.
As it turned out in the end though, they were just planted there for show sake by Donald Trump and didn’t actually grade the teams.

For the women there wasn’t anything extraordinary happening as it was a typical hotel operation for the most part. They did have the advantage of having more team members though. The biggest blunder was that people appeared to be getting excessively charged bill wise as a result on the part of Joan Rivers. Actually, I don’t even think they made it clear on how exactly that happened except for one incident where it was more about not informing the person on what the item would cost.

The men side had all the twists and turns I thought. Dennis Rodman was his old self and played everything in a very casual and relaxed tone. Actually, the first guest that checked in was apparently a local Vancouver resident. Errr……then Rodman made a comment about Vancouver and how he loves the Vancouver strip joints. Since when was this city known for that….?

The men seemed disorganized the most. There was one incident where the customers didn’t seem very happy and wanted to go to a restaurant. Surprisingly, Dennis Rodman mentioned that he would go with them and that changed their experience. Afterwards the show became not so much about the tasks anymore but rather it focused on how Dennis Rodman has a personal issue in life with alcohol.

After a few drinks he seemed to be out of it and even decided that he was just going to leave for the day. As you would expect, he was drunk and you know the type of moods that can create. When it came to the boardroom similarly the whole theme revolved around his drinking problem. In a sympathetic way, virtually all of the celebrities were trying to bring it out in the open to make Dennis Rodman realize that he had a drinking problem. Although, he pretty much agreed with it.

The final score was that the women were rated 91/100 and the men were rated 86/100. There wasn’t a battle at all as with the situation Dennis Rodman was going to be fired if the men lost and sure enough that was the result. Through the whole ordeal he was trying to defend his reputation as an accomplished individual as if his drinking problem shouldn’t matter. However, Jesse James then brought up the point of being a role model.

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