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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 4

A very unique episode from a business and television advertising point of view I thought which I’ll talk about later. The task this time around was that the two teams had to promote a video phone product titled as the “Iris 3000 videophone“ for the company ACN. They would have to do a launch presentation of the video phone product at an event in-front of its sales representatives. The representatives would then vote on which team did the better job to determine the winner.

The project manager for KOTU was Brian Mcknight and for Athena it was Claudia Jordan. Very early on there was a lot of tension between Dennis Rodman and Clint Black. The biggest surprise was when the men and women had to choose a timeslot to do their presentation which had to be settled with a coin toss. Clint black chose tails for the men and Dennis Rodman was all over him calling him a “dictator from hell”.

I think the tension came from after the previous boardroom incident as Clint Black after was saying how he could work for Dennis Rodman but the same couldn’t be said the other way around. As a result, it seemed like Rodman was hoping that Clint Black would lose the coin toss so that he could rub it in. As it turns out though, it did end up being tails and Rodman just went berserk and even smashed his microphone equipment. Kind of reminds me of the ruckus he usually attracted in the NBA too.

For the women’s presentation they decided to go with a more down to earth approach. They showed things like a mom and her baby in-front of the ACN video phone to add an emotional touch. There was also one scene where an actor pretended to be Brande Roderick’s boyfriend where she got this video message not knowing entirely what was going on. Then, as she arrived on the stage he proposed to her to get married.

The men went for a completely different approach as they were all about a high energy atmosphere and Brian Mcknight also did a performance for the crowd where it looked like it became a concert. It didn’t really focus too much on the product itself though I thought. In the end, the men won by an extremely large gap of gaining 85% of the vote from the ACN reps.

In the boardroom it was Claudia Jordan, Melissa Rivers and Khloe Kardashian. There wasn’t too much of a fight in terms of why someone should get fired as oppose to the women trying to tear each other apart on a personal level. Ultimately, that was a key factor to the firing as well.

As the project manager, Claudia Jordan brought in Melissa Rivers and business wise couldn’t really explain why. Ultimately, it was determined that she brought her in based on an emotional decision. In the end, Melissa Rivers was fired.

So on to the business and television advertising part. Now it’s no surprise that companies pay to be on the show. I knew that this company ACN was a multi-level marketing company and therefore I thought it was so interesting that Donald Trump didn’t mention about its business model. In fact, I was very interested in how people would react to a company like that being featured on the show since I believe it is a first. Instead, they kind of masked that aspect I thought. It looked like even the celebrities thought that this was a traditional company and that the people they were presenting to were employees.

I personally think that was the reason why in Trump’s introduction of the company it seemed like he felt the need to talk more about the telecommunications industry in general while trying to edify the executives. Probably wouldn’t have been a very good on air exposure in terms of a product advertisement if they just outright mentioned that they were a network marketing company since the majority of people’s perception would go negative immediately.

I thought this would have been an interesting case study though if they were more transparent about the company to see what the mainstream perception is at this day in age of this type of business.

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