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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 2

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This episode was very awkward as I felt this was the first time where both teams seemed to have dropped the ball where in reality both of them would have loss. The task this time was that the two teams had to promote the online company They sell various shoe items online from what I see.

To promote them, the two teams were suppose to design a comic book character as well as a 4 page comic book story to help promote the company’s values and goals to its customers. The CEO at would choose his favorite presentation/idea and the project manager would receive $20,000 towards their charity. The project manager for the men was Scott Hamilton and for the women it was Klhoe Kardashian.

Interestingly enough, both teams had kind of the same concept where the comic book would revolve around a lady who is normal by day and at night she turns into this super happy/productive person when it comes to shopping as a result of and its operations.

The men had one of the strangest choices I have ever seen. They were struggling to come up with a concept and it wasn’t until almost the end until they decided on a theme. As a result too, the project manger just decided to quickly come up with any name for the character and called her “EEE”. It was suppose to stand for “Everything, Everywhere, Everytime”. Yes, that is a head scratcher.

For the women, before the presentation they seemed to have everything more together as oppose to the men where everyone was in disagreement. There was an interesting moment where Melissa Rivers took full credit for the idea in-front of Trump junior when it appeared that Claudia Jordan was the one that came up with the concept initially for the team. Nothing big was made out of it, but that is a pretty common scenario in most types of business settings.

Both teams actually had a focus group too to help them determine how good their idea was. It was kind of humorous in many ways with the way the show was edited. Basically, the panel consisted of typical comic book fans and when it came to the women they seemed to be in awe with talking to like models about comics.

During the actual presentation, it seemed like the men did a better job overall as for the women Claudia Jordan was the presenter and she was ill. As a result, the women’s presentation was not very fluid. For the men though, having the character’s name as “EEE” was just too distracting. In the end, the women were chose as the winner.

In the boardroom it was mainly between Scott Hamilton and Tom Green. Although Herschel Walker was also brought in. The main argument was that Tom Green was too much of a distraction as he seemed to be more focused on his own ideas and for Scott Hamilton it was his idea to use the name “EEE”. In the end, Scott Hamilton was fired.

One thing I did notice in this episode was that after the commercials you saw these little segments where Trump talks about business in general such as how you have to be able to handle pressure. I actually like those little clips which seems to be absent in many of the past episodes. I was also surprised that the episode was two hours long. I always wondered too at how effective the advertising is for the companies that are featured on the show. Must cost them a lot of money just to be on it.

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