Carbon Tax Increase On April Fools Day
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Carbon Tax Increase On April Fools Day

Apparently today the carbon tax has been increased by 23% per cent and not surprisingly a lot of people are upset about this with even protests at various sites because of it. One of the arguments is that some people will get even more in terms of rebates. But overall, it doesn’t seem like people are favoring this decision. I always wonder if anything announced today is real because it is April fools. But it is indeed real.

But finance wise it’s interesting to see how people try and adjust to these changes. For example, do you try and find alternatives methods of transportation that is cheaper or do you try and cut expenses in other departments? For example, many people opt to buy cheaper or less food to eat. That doesn’t sound good if you are starving yourself as an example. For myself, I would personally use the opportunity to either experiment with other means of transportation or find a way to actually make money with my transportation of choice to justify the cost.

For example, I would probably be inclined to do something as simple as an occasional Door Dash delivery or maybe provide some Uber rides if I was looking to try and offset the extra cost of gas. The worst thing knowing that things won’t change for awhile is not trying anything new I say. You can still argue for change while at the same time adapting to the situation. I know some careers that actually fully pay for one’s transportation as an example too just to show how there are plenty of options to explore.

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