Cancelling Those Small Items You Rarely Use
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Cancelling Those Small Items You Rarely Use

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One thing I was doing today is since it is the new years week I was reviewing a lot of the items that I pay a monthly fee for. I know many times there are things that I barely use where it doesn’t make sense to keep up until I am ready to seriously take advantage of it. Some of those evident items for myself were things like hosting some web sites that I did for fun initially. Sure it may only be like $5 for example, but it adds up and it’s best to not get into the habit of keeping these small items going just because it seems cheap.

More common examples for other people would be things like a cable bill I say. For example, paying extra money for all those extra channels that you rarely watch because it is only an extra five or ten dollars month. Again for these examples, thinking of how much that is in a year usually gives me the motivation to want to save that money instead.

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