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Cancelling or Going Through With Paid Sessions With Low Turnout

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I was thinking as recently there was this class that I was interested in attending which I actually paid money for and everything was processed. While it was supposed to take place in a few days I got a phone call that it had been cancelled due to a lack of registrations and so they would issue a refund. This is pretty common for group types of sessions as I would assume it’s just not worth one’s time financially without a large group.

It did make me wonder though do you ever worry in this case that the few people who you could have services could potentially have been long-term customers of sort? For example, what if one of the people that registered actually ran a business where after their experience they were thinking of sending all of their employees to go learn from them afterwards? Like there that would be a big loss that you can’t really predict.

Maybe at times like that it is good to have backup options. For example I would imagine in this case the expense of renting out a room simply doesn’t make sense financially. But maybe having a backup plan such as teaching those small students in a digital classroom could work too as an example. Maybe give them a discount and this way you still get the customer while making sense of everything financially. Nowadays we have so many tool sand options to get the job done for these kinds of things too.

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