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Canada Boxing Day 2008 Experience And Savings

Like a lot of other Canadians today I was planning to shop today to save money on items that I have either held off from buying or if I see a great deal for something that I had use for. The main focus though was completing present purchases as mentioned before I usually leave the smaller/add-on items till later.

I woke up at about 6:20am and made sure that I had breakfast and all to ensure that I won’t lose my energy throughout the day. As well, I checked my e-mail and noticed that Newegg and sent its boxing day e-mail to everyone about its sales.

The Newegg deals were stone cold I thought, but Amazon had an interesting deal which I will go a bit into later. My mall of choice was a mall called Metrotown as it had the most stores with the items that I was interested in purchasing.

With the mall opening at 8am, I arrived at about 7:40am. A lot of the items I had to buy were video game related as I got people such as my nephew a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and held off buying extra items such as additional controllers as I knew there would be better deals on boxing day.

Looks like a lot of people were after the same category of items too as upon entering this store called EB games had the longest lineup it seems.

However, I did my research ahead of time and went to a store called HMV as they had the best deals for what I needed. The lineup wasn’t too bad either as there were probably only about 20 to 25 people in front of me.

I ended up purchasing two games that would have normally costed me about 109.98 not including tax and instead the before tax total was $59.98. That is a large $50 savings.

Next was buying controllers for that Wii system. The tricky thing is you need to buy two items to make a full controller for many games with the main remote costing about $39.99 and attachment for about $24.99 in most stores. I needed two sets of these too. Here is an example too on how even on boxing days you still have to do your research to save the most money while getting the best value.

Initially I saw this advertisement on Futureshop indicating that there was a special where you could buy both those items for $49.99 meaning and you save about $14.99. Or in my case, since I needed two sets that would be $99.98 while saving $29.98.

I then realized that Best Buy had a sale for this item which essentially gives you the remote that also comes with games for a sale price of $39.99 when normally costs $59.99 at most places.

Of course, considering I would still need the attachment to the remote, which would be about another $24.99 normally, the Futureshop deal still looked better. But, thankfully I got that e-mail from Amazon as it gave me a great idea.

I noticed that on the site they actually sold those attachments for $19.99 which is cheaper, but still it wasn’t as cheap as buying the bundle. However, I remember that I have this save $10 off coupon with orders consisting of over $40 that would definitely make it a better buy. As well, I wanted free shipping and so I needed to make the order over $39 after discounts.

I then saw this very popular game on normally retails for about $35 and today Amazon had it on sale for $15.

So saving $20 on that was a no brainer and I went ahead and bought that game as well as the two controller accessories. Before tax, after the coupon discount including the free shipping the total was $44.97.

Another way of looking at it is minus the game I was able to get the two attachments for $29.98 or $14.99 each. As well, I went ahead and bought the remotes with games from Bestbuy for $39.99 each.

So with that combo I got the full value set for $109.96 which would normally cost about $169.96. While the Futureshop bundle was $99.98 and is about $10 less, in contrast the combination I ended up buying had about a $60 savings value compared to a $30 one. That was a great example I thought on how mixing and matching different deals from different places can get you more for your dollar many times too. As well, always use those coupons or keep them handy.

I did end up buying items from Futureshop though as they had a great deal on SD memory cards and USB sticks. I got a better deal with some help with this to save more money though which was great and is an example on how when a retailer has large amounts of quantity of an item to sell that usually means they got a very good wholesale price and you can probably save even more.

Essentially, in its ad they were advertising this 16 gig SDHC card for $19.99 which I believe normally sells for about $49.99. As well, there was a 16 gig USB memory stick which similarly normally retails for about $49.99 for $22.99. Fortunately with help, I was able to get the memory card for $18.12 and the USB memory stick for 15.48.

I ended up buying two of each for gifts too and that meant that was an additional $18.76 savings. Value wise, $199.96 worth of items came out to only $67.92 for this boxing day sale. Savings of $132.04.

I did end up getting things for myself too, but not much. I actually had to line up to this computer store that was close to the mall. It actually started to snow outside too.

I ended buying more RAM memory for my computer that would normally cost about $79.99. With discounts and all, it was $29.99.

Like a lot of other people too I noticed, I ended up looking at foods and groceries in the end to see if there was any good deals. The only thing I saw was at the store Zellers they were selling these sardines for 67 cents that would normally cost about 99 cents. Although, the supermarket near my house has bumped it up to about $1.29 a piece for some reason and so I bought a box of 18 of them. Ended up saving $5.97.

So that was pretty much it for me when it came to shopping. Essentially, the normal price of the items I bought would have been about $612.70 (Roughly $686.22 with tax) or a boxing day sale price of $294.18 (Roughly $329.48 with taxes). About a 52% to 53% savings. Kind of a crazy figure huh? It was fun getting the gifts and saving money.

If you ask me what the most shocking thing of the day was ironically it was this line up initially:

You might be asking yourself “Geez, what kind of sale are these people lining up for?” which was my initial reaction. I was joking with my friend that there must have been a burger sale at that A&W restaurant in the corner. Apparently though, the rapid transit system here called a “Skytrain” was down and had been out for awhile. So everyone was literally just hanging around as they were stuck at the mall. Some, or make that tons, were forced to take buses home instead as you can see here:

I guess shopping for a sale is one thing, trying to get it home is another with the snowy and cold weather we have had here.

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