Can You Prepare For Sudden Fame And Wealth
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Can You Prepare For Sudden Fame And Wealth

I was recently reading a story about how a musician named Jesse Stewart was found dead on the streets where the suspected cause was potentially a drug overrode. I am not familiar with his work, but from the articles I read it did talk about how he accidentally experienced massive success die to a video that he was in going viral of him singing an original song. This brought a lot of fame and wealth which critics are arguing how that is ultimately what lead him to the path he took.

It makes you think, are you ever afraid of the idea of getting too much money and success too fast where it will simply make your life worst potentially? Some example are probably stories of lottery winners where once they get the money they attract all sorts of people who simply want to get as much from them as possible or that they will live such an unsustainable lifestyle where once the money is gone everything will feel ten times worst than when they were simply just getting by.

I don’t think you could ever prepare for it specifically other than having the experience of going through hardship or rough times in earning a dollar to the point where you don’t want to squander any money. Or same thing, I don’t know how you can specifically prepare yourself from being used by so many people without actually being in that situation before in some way as I am sure most people would initially have the always help out every friend and family member mentality even if it costs you money.

That’s one of the upside to experiencing all the bad stuff per se early on where at the time I am sure most people would not see it as a blessing in disguise in any way. I feel because of those experiences I wouldn’t drastically change my lifestyle to say suddenly wear designer clothing worth thousands or going to restaurants that costs what a lot of people make in a week just because I suddenly received a lot of money. But if I never did have those experience I probably would be a little worried.

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