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Buying Into A System of Falsehood When Looking For Practical Strategies

I was thinking the other day as I was reading how this one person was selling business coaching services of sort where he advertises himself as the expert that gets results. The bad thing was he kind of uses all the negative and fear approach where he tells people if they don’t say sign up then they will forever be lost in a business life per se. There was actually one interesting bit where he tried to talk about writing down goals and as a result you will get everything you ask for.

I was actually looking at one of the things he advertises as the result of his apparent plan which kind of showed me how it’s all an illusion in many ways. For example, I saw that he advertised that he had thousands of people who follow him on social media and by the looks of it was accomplished by simply him following thousands of people in hopes they follow him back. To say that was a result of his system per se is misleading I would think.

This is usually one of the biggest money drain for people I feel where often you just want some simple answers and guidance only to be offered something that doesn’t really matter. Would be like just wanting cooking advice from a chef to then be sold a system on a ritual of say staring at the sky for an hour as it will improve the quality of your dishes. That might sound crazy but so many business strategy and coaches are like this I find and it’s troubling to see how many people lose a ton of money this way.

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