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Buying Only The Weekly Deals

Today I was thinking of buying some grocery items for the sake of having some variety. However, it didn’t seem like there was one supermarket that was able to offer much variety where the items were at a decent price. So instead I decided to visit different places to see what its weekly specials were. Sure enough, every place had a unique sale. This one place was kind of interesting as it was selling seven bundles of these onions for only one dollar. Yes, seven bundles of them. Usually these would sell for like maybe fifty cents each at most places.

I usually find this as a good way to save money because as you can see the weekly deals in various stores are usually so much cheaper than the average prices. In many many ways it’s kind of like you buying the loss leaders from every store as originally the business believes that if they offer you one very low item you will in-return buy other things and that is how it will make its money back. However, if you are tight on a budget then this is one way to get it all with plenty of money to spare.

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