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Buying New Stuff Simply For Better Quality

A person was telling me today that he was going to buy a new TV because reading the specs of the newer television sets made his look very bad. His current one is fine as it still plays everything and on top of that he is on a semi fixed budget. So obviously buying a new TV would really put a dent into one’s budget.

That’s a habit that will drain your money fast I’d say. I’m usually inclined to upgrade to a better quality item only if the old one I have is to the point where it is inefficient for today’s requirement or if it is broken. The funny thing I find too is that if you are ever thinking of buying something simply because it seems so much better than what you have just waiting like two weeks or so usually kills that buzz.

I usually read the news a lot about up and coming products to compare what is currently available in the market. Many times I find that reading about the unreleased products make the current offerings sound bad. Hence, it encourages me to hold off in buying things simply because it seems so new and instead focus more on the value of the product and my needs. For the most part, I usually just end up saying “What I currently have is good enough.”

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