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Buying Just To Resell Hot Christmas Items

There are going to be a lot of hot items during the Christmas time as usual. The thing is a lot of the people buying these too initially are simply people who are looking to make a profit for those who did not bother to shop early. There are usually mixed opinions about this as some people say it’s unethical and others would say it’s no different than running any other kind of retail store.

I am semi indifferent about this as usually if you want a very specific item that is going to have a big launch most stores allow you to simply pre-order it. In some ways too it is true that it is kind of like any other retail store where they buy the item cheaper which they then markup for a profit. I even heard once that some people don’t care if they pay more in this case as they don’t have the time to find the item and so they are trading their time with money.

The funny thing I find about this is that if people explain the reason they are trying to sell it for a profit such as claiming it is to help with their school tuition then people are more receptive to it. Almost like a child selling lemonade or girl scout cookies at premium prices. So if anything it’s more about who gets to profit over it I think. Either way, reserve or buy whatever gift it is you are looking for to avoid paying those premium prices.

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