Buying A Summer Air Conditioner Now If You Need It
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Buying A Summer Air Conditioner Now If You Need It

I remember last year it got so hot here where people were paying ridiculous prices for basic fans. For example, cheap $15 fans were going for about $30 in many places. As well, air conditioners were pretty much out of stock. With that in mind, even though it is Spring still I would say if you want an air conditioner then now is probably the time to do so. I was always told you should try and get a dual hosed one for the best efficiency.

Although, I know some frugal people will simply try and make their own such as putting a fan into a box full of ice to mimic an air conditioner. Some swear by it while others say that method can introduce things such as moisture on the walls of your room. People do say too you should try and opt for air conditioners that are designed to attach to your window versus just a regular portable one.

But either way, you should try and get these items before the demand is there if you need one to avoid the crazy price mark ups.

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