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Business of Helping People Cheat In Video Games

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When most people buy videos games the assumption is that one is doing it for fun as a form of escape from the stressful world. Since they are usually pretty expensive too people complain if they finish it too early as they feel they didn’t get their money’s worth. So why this was interesting was I read a story recently of a person getting arrested for selling video game save data as he apparently made a six-figure business out of it.

For games that are very long there is usually an option to save your progress so that you can continue later. A lot of these games are essentially a grind of sort as you do tasks to make yourself stronger to enable you to progress through the game. So what this person did was he sold modified save data that gave people virtually any kind of progress that they wanted. For imagine, imagine having to do daily tasks to save up enough money to buy an item where this person will hack into the games code and create a save file where you have all the in-game currency you wish.

Again, he made a six-figure business out of this. But that’s where the trouble came in too as apparently he violated a competition act “providing services to circumvent the technical restrictions” of the products. While that is a different topic, it is weird to think about how people would spend so much money to essentially cheat in a game they purchased to play through and have fun. But it makes you wonder how many business opportunities there are in these sorts of avenues.

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