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Burnt Bridges

With most things in life, you often require the help of others in some form or another in order to achieve your goals. Although there are many times where I have personally decided to not associate with specific groups of people due to reasons such as integrity issues, it amazes me on how often that you will encounter someone from your past who has the ability to directly influence your current situations.

The best examples I can think of is at workplaces where a person would be ridiculing and disrespecting another simply because they are equal in terms of a corporate hierarchy and so they feel that they can easily get away with it. Another example that even I have personally experienced is how someone you know who has achieved tremendous success and regardless of how much you have helped them, suddenly they develop the thought that they did everything by themselves and so they feel that they have no need to respect or acknowledge your presence anymore and that they can do everything by themselves now. From my experience, that self-serving way of thinking rarely ends up working as more often than enough it ends up that the person who decided to recklessly burn their bridges with you would once again end up needing your help.

Although it would seem fairly obvious, maintaining a good relationship with trustworthy and respectable people are definitely key factors in maintaining a good networking circle and for business people especially this can help you prosper in creating a successful business. I guess this is like that old cliché story of a school “nerd” who was constantly picked on and then grew up to be a very powerful and wealthy individual. Whether it is trying to get a higher paying job or getting special discounts on products and services to save money, don’t just recklessly burn your bridges with people because you never know when you’ll be needing their help again.

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