Bundling Everything When People Just Want To Pay And Forget It

Bundling Everything When People Just Want To Pay And Forget It

Recently I saw an example of a person going to a notary to have all the legal work done in purchasing and selling a property where the client clearly just wanted to hire a professional to ensure that everything was taken care of. There were a few examples where the lawyer anticipated the possibility that the client would have to pay some monthly fees due to delays where if they didn’t pay it they would have to pay an interest fee. So what he did was he managed the clients funds by paying all the monthly fees and in the event they don’t owe anything they will simply get it back.

This was done for multiple items and the client simply agreed as they were trusting the professional. What it made me think of is how in these types of scenarios it can be a good idea just to literally do and offer everything if the person simply wants the job done as they don’t want to be surprised. Some would see this as a bad thing though and use that as a professional pitch to encourage you to hire them instead. For example, advertising that one will be charging you services that you actually need for sure.

I suppose it could be like a debate of a car repair shop. For example, ifs someone brought in a car to get it fixed up where they just want it to work then you could have the approach of just fixing what the immediate problem is. Or, if you see something that may be on its way out then you may as will replace that too and include it in the bill. There are risks and benefits to both. But like with the above example it may be beneficial to offer it as an option if the person just doesn’t want to worry.

It actually reminds me of what I did for a retail store before where all I did was create a bundle of sort of the current week’s sale that consisted of a portable gaming system and games. There was no sales pitch of any kind as I just listed a bunch of items together like in a combo fashion with the total price as it had everything the person could need they choose that route. It was actually a huge success as people literally just pointed at the bundle and said they would take that. Even the cashiers were excited where to the corporate it looked like so many employees were say upselling services. It doesn’t hurt to just show people all in one solutions.

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