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Breaking Things To Learn To Do It Yourself

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The other day I was talking to a person who needed some help fixing a hard drive where I suggested just simply opening it up and cleaning the connections may help. This is a pretty straight forward process but of course it would be intimating for those who have never done it. I then saw this story of a person who started his own phone repair business. How he apparently started was he took a bunch of phones that were useless and tried to fix them. This could be as simple as a broken screen. It didn’t matter if he broke them too as no one was going to use it either way.

After doing it for quite some time he just got better and better to the point where he began to offer his service to people. This actually attracted a lot of wealthy people where they just want the job done and paid him a lot to do so. It made me think how many times finding an environment where you can practice and not worry about things breaking can be a huge stepping stones to acquiring new skills that can benefit you in the long run.

Many times we wouldn’t even want to try and therefore we become dependent on others which in some cases can man a lot of money. You could say that is what a school is for too. But often times there aren’t courses for specific things like these unless you take an entire program of sorts. The next best way is being a kid again and just finding things you can practice with where breaking it is just part of the learning process in many ways.

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