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Brand Name Or Needs

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There was a person saying yesterday that told me he felt bad as he had to shop for items at a store that didn’t carry a lot of brand named stuff as this month some things came up financially. This involved simple things like socks and some groceries. I was then asking why that mattered so much as if it fits your needs then it should be all okay.

The only reason he gave was that it was “low end” and that he would prefer to but the grand named items. While I can understand wanting to buy a certain brand because you like the quality of the product, I personally find it a little silly to automatically assume that a brand named item is a better quality than a no name item.

If I was to grow an apple or carrot in my backyard does that mean it is necessarily worse than buying one from a store for example? Or same thing when it comes to like a pair of socks. If everything seems snuggly and all at the end of the day does it really matter what brand it is? Money should be spent on these items to fit your needs as opposed to buying into brand perception so much I think. Granted there are times you must put on a certain face with these types of branded products, but with those I would think they would be a one time purchase/investment type of transaction.

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