Boxing Day 2017 An Afterthought This Year

Boxing Day 2017 An Afterthought This Year

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While Boxing Day should be a huge deal sales wise here in Canada it felt like it was just a regular sale for the most part where companies threw everything at Black Friday. There were the typical markups to make it look like you were saving a ton of money. For example, on Amazon they had this power bar which wasn’t too bad. But the savings is a little misleading I feel when you compare it to other places.

Did I actually end up buying anything? I did but it wasn’t exactly something I couldn’t find all year around as I figured may as well now since I needed it. The malls were still packed though which makes me wonder if people are shopping for the sake of shopping. Like with this price example they aren’t too appealing overall I found.

I did find that Black Friday has been taking over as the main sale day in Canada. Like most things whatever is the most popular gets the most spotlight. Is it time to retire Boxing Day as a must shop day in Canada? I guess in general for me as usual there is always a sale year round.

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