Blindly Throwing Away Properties That Have Value

Blindly Throwing Away Properties That Have Value

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Today I was thinking where a person expressed how they wanted to essentially consolidate all of their online websites into one to make it one large company per se. That would make sense where it could be a time saver. But this was the interesting thing where since the person technically owned a bunch of domains that have been out for awhile there is value in keeping them even if they don’t intend to keep a functional site on it. For example, imagine owning a domain with a popular phrase such as where even if you don’t intend to use it to run your operations the domain has value. Especially with the attention it can still get for all the years being in existent.

But here they initially had the thought of just deleting everything and allowing the domain to expire. I was advising not to do that as they could have future value still and cost wise you can keep a domain for ten years at about $100 as example. Can you imagine just letting go a property that then sells for over ten thousand within the timeframe as an example?

That’s usually how a lot of those valuable antique items get discovered such as someone just randomly selling a very rare item at a garage sale. A guess the lesson is always ask someone who is knowledgeable about an item for a second opinion as you could be throwing away a valuable belonging.

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