Being Weary of Rich Exclusive Parties
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Being Weary of Rich Exclusive Parties

With so much news about the singer Sean Combs, P Diddy, getting his homes raided over an alleged sex trafficking scandal one topic that has been frequently coming up is how apparently he has video of his attendees doing illegal things where the assumption is this can be used as blackmail in order to control upcoming and powerful key figures in the world. Imagine having compromising evidence of people where if it gets out that will be the end for them. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen they simply abide to what they are told to do.

Sounds like something right out of the movies huh? I wouldn’t doubt if these types of blackmail are common in many industries. With that said, it should be a reminder where if you are experiencing a lot of success and influence with your work you better be careful about going to any kind of exclusive parties per se. I heard a lot of stories of people getting addicted to drugs as an example because when one is around so many other successful people one would be more susceptible to trying it just to fit in.

This is probably not something many think about of course as most of us will be trying to even get to the position to have those opportunities. It does raise the importance too where if you are not yet in that constant limelight developing relationships you can trust early on can be so important for the future as there will likely be so many people who will want to find ways to control your success. While this is probably just a crazy example of it, you always have to be vigilante when you are invited to exclusive clubs like these where it fells like people are just giving you everything.

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