Being Trained By Retailers To Wait For Coupon Deals
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Being Trained By Retailers To Wait For Coupon Deals

Lately for one supermarket I have been getting these coupons which essentially gives me store points that accumulate to about 10% off the entire order. That’s not bad since you don’t have to buy specific products only to get the deal. This is a digital coupon too where my assumption is every time I use it the company obtains data about me on what makes me go to the store. So it’s like their thinking is if they want me to go to the store then just give me this coupon.

I normally do shop there though which is the funny thing. However, I usually only buy the small items if there is no sale. As a result, I get these coupons so frequently compared to others it seems to the point where it’s like the retailer trained me not to shop for big ticket items unless I get the coupon as it will come sooner or later. Good for me bad for them?

Apparently there are also some companies such as Bed Bath and Beyond who realizes this too as they are a company that normally has these kinds of practices. Therefore, they are planning to stop that. For you as the consumer though, at least this should give you an idea to save a lot of money if you don’t already do this. Basically, if there are no real good coupons or sale then try to buy the minimum that you need for things like groceries. Usually if you hold off long enough you will get a good discount offer from the stores and this is when you should be stocking up on those large items such as a bag of rice. Easy way to save money.

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