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Being Told Inaccurate Information From Competitors

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It’s not uncommon to see people try dirty tactics of sort in an effort to stifle competition so that they will end up with more business. For example, businesses posing as fake customers for other businesses and leaving bad reviews to try and get people to go to them instead. But what about the topic of education where people are purposely telling you half-truths in an effort to discourage competition?

There was this one example I was looking over on people who were seeking out information on how to start what seemed to be a photography business. From what I gather there was talk about things ranging from gear to getting a license to shoot in various locations for commercial projects. That was the interesting thing as when it came to the subject of getting a license in certain places the individual made it sound extremely expensive and difficult to the point where people shouldn’t consider it.

In reality it was a pretty straight forward process. Looking at it further the only real conclusion I could think of on why the person was saying how difficult it is was to try and discourage others from doing what he did as he wants to the lion share of the market. Kind of disappointing too when you think about as people are paying him essentially for expert advice. But this actually happen a lot which is why you should always do some due diligence even if you paid money for a course.

Sometimes they can be designed to get you dependent on them as an example where it means more money for the provider.

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