Being Prepared For The Criticism When You Make A Lot of Money

Being Prepared For The Criticism When You Make A Lot of Money

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Not too long ago there was this story about a game called Flappy Bird that was free to download for mobile devices.  It became extremely popular to the point where the creator was apparently making about $50,000 a day on it.  However, a lot of people found the game challenging to the point of frustration.  As a result, they would direct hateful comments to the creator.  The person then took the game down the app stores and was expressing how this game has affected his life in a bad way as a result of all the negative comments.

$50,000 a day is a lot to walk out from for what was essentially anonymous critics that feel they can harass others behind a computer huh?  I know the main advice is to usually just ignore comments like those.  Makes sense in many cases.  Maybe I am in the minority, but I always find it interesting to use it back in a humorous way if possible kind of like how late shows poke fun at people who send celebrities spiteful Twitter replies.

I was reading today too that the original creator of this game was launching a new version too.  Will be kind of interesting what his new outlook in dealing with social media is this time around.

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